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brenda wilbee

Featured in 2013 Edition
BRENDA WILBEE of Birch Bay, Washington, will be saying good-bye to Guideposts this year. She would like to thank all who've been corresponding with her and adds, “I hope we can continue! This past year my family has seen happiness amidst heartache. My granddaughter Alice, now three, has brittle-bone disease. After breaking her legs twice while trying to walk, she's had steel rods inserted into her bones to straighten and strengthen them. She's now walking without mishaps! I'm grateful that despite the gravity of her situation and having been abandoned on the streets of China, Alice now has a family who loves her, the best medical care available, and hope for her future. Truly my family can say, ‘In all things give thanks.’ I hope and pray your families are experiencing similar happiness amidst heartache. If you'd like to keep in touch, my e-mail is”

tim williams

Featured in 2014 Edition
"God's mercies are indeed new every morning," says TIM WILLIAMS of Durango, Colorado. "Years ago, my wife and I were parents when most of our married friends were not. We envied their freedom but consoled ourselves with thoughts of someday becoming young, energetic grandparents. That didn't happen. New every morning as the blessings of children in our church, the children of our nieces and nephews, our neighbors' children who have been a part of our lives since their birth, and the blessings that come from having two sons who are unique among men. How could God's mercies be new every morning if each one fit a timetable designed by us?"