Get to know our Daily Guideposts writers

debbie macomber

DEBBIE MACOMBER, a No. 1 New York Times best-selling author, is proud to be given the moniker "America's Christmas storyteller." She and her husband, Wayne, live in Port Orchard, Washington. They have four children and ten grandchildren. The latest addition is Mason Dale, named after his uncle Dale who died in 2011. Debbie considers herself abundantly blessed and continues to serve on the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet.

Erin MacPherson
ERIN MACPHERSON finds time to write amid the whirlwind of soccer practice, swim meets, and freezer-meal parties with the women of her church. But by placing herself—and her crazy schedule—in God's hands, she has found the peace and joy that come even in those whirlwind seasons of life. She and her husband, Cameron, live in Austin, Texas, with their three grade-school kids, thrilled to spend their days lounging in the sunshine instead of shoveling snow. Erin blogs at
roberta messner

"I've been scribbling in little books ever since I started writing for Guideposts way back in 1990," says ROBERTA MESSNER of Huntington, West Virginia. "It's the most productive spiritual practice I have ever engaged in, next to reading Scripture." The thing that struck her was how many of God's provisions arrived just in time ("manna for the moment"). As she confronts retirement from her thirty-eight-year nursing career with the Veterans Administration, that thought brings her considerable comfort. "I know I will face many challenges as I age, yet I know that God will be with me at the precise moment I need Him."

linda neukrug

LINDA NEUKRUG lives in Walnut Creek, California, with her two cats, Prince and Junior. Linda tries to find joy in the simple things of life like tent camping and toasted marshmallow-chocolate-and-graham-cracker s’mores roasted over a glowing fire. She has jumped into substitute teaching almost full time (Is that a contradiction?), and enjoys the unexpected experiences (and there are plenty of them when you are subbing!), like being in four or five different classrooms in a single week. A favorite quote of hers is “Life should contain something to love, some work to do, and some joy to anticipate.” Linda is in the early stages of planning an RV cross-country trip for when she retires and she's aiming to find joy in the process, not just the results.

patricia pusey

Featured in 2013 Edition
Although it has not been a perfect year, PATRICIA PUSEY of Halifax, Vermont, says she has been grateful for her love of family, faith and friends. “Busyness consumes my days and at times it feels like the clock rules my life. But then I am reminded that my faith runs my life, and for that I am thankful. Our beautiful family, which includes ten wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from twenty-one to newest grandson Ronan born in June, consumes our love and all the hours of the day that are not spent here on the farm running Shearer Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast and caring for our special-needs daughter Brittany. God is good, and for that we give thanks daily!”

daniel schantz

A cloud has hung over DANIEL SCHANTZ of Moberly, Missouri, for over a year, since his son-in-law lost his job as fleet manager in Kansas City. The job search has taken a toll on his son-in-law, and the loss of income has made life difficult. On the bright side, Dan's daughter Teresa is qualifying herself for paralegal work, which will help with finances and also give her something to do when her boys graduate from their homeschooling soon. "Dozens of friends have offered prayers, job leads, and references, and their support is so comforting. It's hard to watch our children suffer, but we have lived long enough to know that God's hands are at work, even when we don't see it."

gail schilling

GAIL THORELL SCHILLING of Concord, New Hampshire, relied on the security of God's hands during her convalescence after breaking her kneecap. "My daughter Trina and her husband, Steve, took me in for the first week until I could navigate the stairs to my apartment. My daughter Tess lugged groceries and cleaned. My granddaughter Hannah took out the trash. Family and friends ferried me to school, church, and shopping—with lots of cozy conversations along the way." By Christmas, Gail was crutch-free to enjoy all four of her children and their families for the first time in sixteen years!

penney schwab

PENNEY SCHWAB of Copeland, Kansas, writes "Our children have entered middle age and I wonder, How did the time pass so quickly? The year's highlights were a family reunion and grandson Ryan's wedding to Paige, Grandson David is a Marine Corps officer. Mark, Caleb, and Olivia are college students. Caden plays hockey and is active in 4-H club. Our little church was without a pastor for several months, and we realized how blessed we are with a church family who works together to sustain worship services, mission giving, and community activities."

elizabeth sherrill

ELIZABETH SHERRILL and her husband, John, of Hingham, Massachusetts, spent a lot of time this year in Nashville, Tennessee, as their son, a country songwriter, pioneered a new kind of recording. With the family fathered around the kitchen table, John Scott played the guitar, sang, and spun real-life yarns while his wife, Raena, sons, Peter and Spencer, John, and Elizabeth chimed in with stories of their own. "Of course we retold family favorites. But the surprise was how many great stories we'd never shared!"

shari smyth

Featured in 2013 Edition
SHARI SMYTH of Nashville, Tennessee, says she has learned a lot about gratitude from her daughter Sanna, who is a recovering alcoholic and quick to tell her mother, “Being thankful is one of the lifelines to sobriety.” Shari says, “It's also a lifeline for me and my all-around health and from Sanna I'm learning to practice it. I'm grateful that my husband Whitney is still my best friend and that our children Wendy, Laura, Jon and son-in-law Glen continue to do well and be so involved with us. Not to mention our grandson Frank, who shines more joy into our lives than I can say. And most especially I'm thankful to God from Whose hand all these gifts have come.”