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Jim Hinch
"We moved again. Back to New York City. In fact, back to the same church-owned house we lived in the last time we were here," writes JIM HINCH. "Kate is now leading the Episcopal church where she was formerly a junior priest. We remain divided in our loyalties. Good friends, good schools, and the incomparable saltiness of New York are in the East. Family, the mountains, and big skies are in the West. God is everywhere, so we are content to follow His lead and do the work He provides for us."

Featured in 2013 Edition
SHARON HINCK is an award-winning novelist but is new to writing for Daily Guideposts and happy to share some of the ways God delights and surprises her each day. She and her husband are adjusting to empty nesting and make their home in Bloomington, Minnesota. Sharon has two novels in her Christian fantasy series that released in 2012 and welcomes visitors to

Jeff Japinga

Featured in 2014 Edition
While JEFFREY JAPINGA's title may be a head-scratcher - associate dean for doctor of ministry and continuing education programs at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago - his work is straightforward. "I'm simply equipping people to do better what God has already called and gifted them to do," he says. Improving  what already is has been a theme for the year, from his wife Lynn's sabbatical from her ongoing teaching responsibilities to a number of major home-remodeling projects to Jeff's own continuing study in leadership. (But, alas, not Jeff's golf game - nothing he tries seems to make that any better.) But Jeff says he's found one thing that just cannot be improved on: sunsets on the beach near their home in Holland, Michigan.

Ashley Kappel
With an infant and a toddler running around, ASHLEY KAPPEL of Birmingham, Alabama, has officially given up on perfection and is embracing the wonderfulness of chaos. By day, she works as a senior editor at Time Inc. By night, she savors every minute with Olivia, James and her husband, Brian. Favorite phrases this year include "No licking the wall"; "That doesn't go in the toilet"; and "Don't bite your brother, even if you are a lion." In her free time, Ashley volunteers and enjoys lazy walks with her golden retriever, Colby.
brock kidd

"God continues to bless us in wonderful ways," writes BROCK KIDD of Nashville, Tennessee. "My wife, Corinne, and I have stepped up our involvement with the Martha O'Bryan Center, our city's oldest nonprofit organization." Brock took on the role of chairman of a start-up school with the mission of serving kids in need, and he continues to enjoy his career as an investment advisor. "Our children keep right on amazing me, with Harrison now in high school, and Mary Katherine, 4, and Ella Grace, 3, seemingly attached at the hip!"

pam kidd

"Dave and I are busy, happy, and involved in worthwhile activities," writes PAM KIDD of Nashville, Tennessee. "Our children, Brock and Keri, live within five miles of us. Why then does an unnamed burden shadow me? Is it right to be happy when refugees longing for freedom perish at sea? When mothers cry for children gunned down on our streets? When people not far away are lonely, homeless, hungry? I don't have an answer, except this one: in the midst of the good life, a part of me stands ready to say yes to whatever opportunity God puts in my path. Welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted, be kind, spread love. As long as my yeses keep coming, my happiness grows deeper as my burden grows lighter."

Patty Kirk

PATTY KIRK of Westville, Oklahoma, was promoted to full professor at John Brown University. Her daughter Charlotte passed her qualifying exams for the PhD. Before starting grad school, Patty's other daughter Lulu claimed her high school graduation present: a trip to France. Though neither could drive a stick shift, Patty and Lulu rented a Fiat, figuring they'd learn as they went. They did—not just how to keep the car from lurching, then stalling in the terrifying roundabouts at virtually every intersection, but also how to get along under the stresses of traveling.

carol knapp

"We opened the year with my husband's back surgery and closed it with his foot surgery," writes CAROL KNAPP of Priest River, Idaho. "God has us in His hands. A joyous event led us on a road trip to Texas to celebrate the birth of our nineteenth grandchild, Sarai Ruth, named for my mother, Ruth. Traveling to Minnesota for our son-in-law Brett's graduation from veterinary medicine school was the occasion for my first cross-country train ride! Our daughter Tamara and family relocated to our area after many years in Alaska. We are loving life back in our 'roots' country, living on a forested mountainside in a shared home. It's a wonderful exchange of hospitality and generations working together."

carol kuykendall

"I celebrated a birthday with a zero in it, and our family, ages 2 to 72, gathered at a house on a lake in the mountains for a week of chaotic fun," writes CAROL KUYKENDALL of Boulder, Colorado. "The get-together was made more meaningful because of the memories of my last zero birthday, when my husband I were diagnosed with advanced cancers, which affected our whole family. Reflecting back over that decade, we can see how God held us in His hands, strengthening our faith as we trusted His promises. Since then, Lynn and I have found many opportunities to walk alongside others who are navigating the cancer journey. God's gifts of life and family, perspective and purpose, give us much to celebrate this year."

patricia lorenz

PATRICIA LORENZ of Largo, Florida, writes, "Both stepping out in faith and putting my trust in God's hands have carried me through many adventures, travels, and experiences. One of my greatest adventures has been marrying Jack in my 60s. This year we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Last year my fourteenth book, 57 Steps to Paradise: Finding Love in Midlife and Beyond, was published. Of course I have Jack to thank for the sweet ending to that book. Ten children and twenty grandchildren certainly make life sizzle. I hope our adventures last a lifetime."