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Anne Adriance

Featured in 2013 Edition
In the midst of a year of transitions, ANNE ADRIANCE of Oldwick, New Jersey, has learned more profoundly that the most important things never ever change. For that, she says, “I am deeply grateful. My husband Matt and I have had one son graduate from college and start a life on his own, and another son live in faraway cities all year long. It's meant we've had to learn new ways of relating as parents, expressing our feelings and sharing our connections as a family. Through it all, my love for my precious family, and my joy in living the life I have before me, has only grown!

Sam Adriance

After graduating from law school in the spring and taking the bar exam, SAM ADRIANCE of New Haven, Connecticut, finally entered the working world, where he serves as a judicial law clerk to a federal judge. His wife of nearly three years, Emily, also started a new job, working for a network of schools, and they and their cat, Crookshanks, welcomed a new kitten, Stitch, into their home. Through all of the changes, they do their best not to worry too much, to trust that there is a plan for their lives—and they can't wait for see what exciting developments next year has in store!

marci alborghetti

MARCI ALBORGHETTI of New London, Connecticut, has spent a lot of time this past year trying to loosen her own grip and release so many things into God's hands. A bad fall, complete with a broken clavicle and rib, in the middle of the summer, her favorite season, hastened the process. This journey is, at times, almost as painful for her as the bruises and broken bones were, but God is helping/healing her along, little by little. His greatest gift to her continues to be her husband, Charlie, whose love, attention, and good humor has been unwavering even as he struggles to grasp the notion that Marci is, indeed, breakable!

Andrew Attaway

“Could this really be the year I turn 68? I still can't believe it,” writes ANDREW ATTAWAY of New York City. “Maybe one of the reasons I can't believe it is our family: one soon-to-be teen (Stephen), one early teen (Maggie), one midteen (Mary), and two young adults (Elizabeth and John). There's truth in the saying that children keep you young—just by watching and trying to keep up with them. And when there are bumps in the road, I can't sit under my vine and fig tree and read a book. I have to keep moving. Amid it all, there's the knowledge that God abides with me in His Word, in life's quiet spaces and in its difficult moments, in the love of family, and in the incredible generosity of friends.”

julia attaway

"Occasionally it occurs to me that I've been given an unusual number of trials in recent years," writes JULIA ATTAWAY of New York City. "Yet one thing I'm learning is that whether or not I remember to place my life in God's hands, I am held there anyway." When she's struggling, Julia finds comfort in the image of herself writhing—small but safe—in the wounded palm of Christ. "Stresses and distresses are less acute when I remember that our life on earth isn't the whole story. It helps immensely to hold tight to Romans 8:18 (NIV): 'I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.'"

karen barber

"Lately we've experienced the truth that our family is always in God's hands as we supported our son during a rough time in his life," writes KAREN BARBER of Alpharetta, Georgia. "Thankfully, our son is doing much better now. And we are too. At first I prayed for a quick fix. Then over time I changed my prayer to 'Lord, teach us how to live well.' Part of living well meant believing that God would help take care of things back home while I embarked on a weeklong spiritual pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy, with my friend Mary Lou Carney. Things were just fine while I was gone, and I came back with a greater understanding of our God, Who has kept countless generations in His capable hands.

evelyn bence

EVELYN BENCE, of Arlington, Virginia, writes, "My typical week is punctuated by interruptions: clients asking for quick turnarounds or neighbors looking for attention. But when I try to summarize my past year as a whole, I see a rather quiet workaday life: maintaining professional, home, and church responsibilities; occasionally hosting dinner guests; a quick trip to Florida to promote Room at My Table; a summer and then holiday sojourn to visit my out-of-town family. At every turn I've clung fast to the fact that I'm held securely in God's hands."

erika bentsen
ERIKA BENTSEN of Sprague River, Oregon, writes, "My new husband is teaching me how to run a line trick, so I can build fences and set poles with equipment. I love it! I used to do all this work by hand—it's no surprise my back broke down. Now I'm learning to work smarter, not harder." BlueDog has taken moving into a new home in stride. "Randy's dog was pretty jealous at first, but now they're great friends. I am so blessed. Trusting God to help me through the rough spots has really brought me closer to Him. When life gets tough, He is my rest. I can feel the strength and love in His hands."
rhoda blecker

"This was a year with a Keith-shaped hole in my life," says RHODA BLECKER of Belllingham, Washington. "I've kept busy. I teach at a community college, do spiritual direction, edit books, give sermons, do research, and keep my home in good shape. I see friends fairly often, and I take care of my pets Anjin and L.E. But, through it all, there's a melancholy that comes and goes, and I'm taken by surprise by certain pieces of music and things people say. What keeps me going is the conviction that God wants me here for a reason, even if I don't know what it is, and that, at last, my husband and I will be together again."

gina bridgeman

Featured in 2013 Edition
GINA BRIDGEMAN of Scottsdale, Arizona, is happy and grateful to return to the pages of Daily Guideposts after a one-year hiatus. In that time, son Ross graduated from Belmont University; Maria is a high school junior who would tell you the best thing that happened this year was learning to drive. “This past year, in my absence from Daily Guideposts, I realized how thankful I am for its readers, who wrote and called to check on me and my family,” Gina says. “They truly are like an extended family across the country, and I give thanks to God for putting them in my life.”