Sabra Ciancanelli

sabra ciancanelli

Sabra Ciancanelli says, "So many times this year I felt blessed to be in God's hands. Like the night our dog wiggled out of his leash and disappeared into the darkness. For an agonizing hour I searched, calling his name and praying. Under a starry sky Soda's furry face appeared in the eye of my flashlight, galloping towards me at full speed, out of the woods, and into my arms. Or the day my son Solomon was onstage playing his trumpet at a jazz festival, and I couldn't find him among the band members. I worried something must have happened until I realized he was right in front of me, just not so little anymore." Sabra lives in Tivoli, New York, with her husband, two sons, three cats, and a dog, who, thankfully, hasn't run away since.