Rhoda Blecker

rhoda blecker

“I always wondered how Job could keep faith,” writes Rhoda Blecker of Bellingham, Washington. “But now I really do understand. After Keith died, I found out that Los Angeles County had no record of our wedding thirty-five years ago. Then the bank couldn't find the power of attorney that Keith had signed to give me access to his account. When I tried to sell his truck, I discovered the state of Washington had never sent the ownership documents to us. On top of all of this, the cemetery buried Keith in the wrong grave and the headstone was installed facing the wrong way. I was starting to fray at the edges. Then, two months after Keith's death, our dog, Anjin, was diagnosed with cancer. It could have felt like the last straw, but somehow God gave me the strength and grace to cope. Anjin had surgery and was pronounced healthy. And I began to heal too.”