Rhoda Blecker

rhoda blecker

Featured in 2014 Edition
"This has been a very challenging year," says RHODA BLECKER of Bellingham, Washington. "In May, my husband, Keith, had a cerebellar stroke, which landed him in the hospital for three days. But we were truly blessed. He recovered quickly and well enough so that the only prescription was to return to tai chi for balance improvement. Then in July he had a COPD episode, which also meant he needed to be hospitalized, and now he's on oxygen all the time, except when he's sitting still. I've had to adjust to living with stress, which was never really a part of our lives before, and for a stubborn woman like me, it hasn't been easy. But I am getting support from our neighbors, and that reminds me every day that their generosity is God's generosity made visible."

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